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You already know that the Internet has changed the world and the way companies do business. More than half of all Americans now have high speed, broadband, Internet access at work or at home. More and more Americans are using the Internet to find the critical information they need about products and services they want, and the companies that provide them. That means every business needs a website-but, incredibly, half of all businesses still don't have one! To the millions of potential customers searching the Internet daily, they don't exist! And of those that do have a website, research shows that 93% are so poorly designed that they provide little or no financial benefit to the company.

Who's going to help them?

We are different from other website creation firms. We not only design or suggest changes but we create an Internet Marketing strategy designed for your particular product or service. The problem with most web creation firms is that they use grafic designers to do the work which is great but there is far more to getting traffic to you website than just a great design. Your site needs to be search engine optimized both onpage and offpage.

Merely creating web sites is not enough in this age of high speed technolgy. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in there use of the internet, even if many business are not. For the person or company that wants a performing website that has an Alexa ranking as well as been ranked on all the other Major Search engines. Then your site needs to be Search Engine Optimised (SEO). The search engines are also becoming more sophiticated so in this ever evolving, world wide web (www), you need to make changes to your site/sites as these changes occur.

We are the company to do that for you.



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