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Wake up to your choice of music from your iPod or your favorite radio station, or a traditional buzzer. And you can fall asleep to your iPod or the radio, too.
Key Features:
  • Easy-to-set alarm
  • Alarm reset turns off alarm and automatically resets it for the same time the following day
  • Sure alarm battery backup maintains clock setting and ensures your wake time in case of power failure
  • Gentle wake peacefully wakes you with gradually louder alarm volume
  • If iPod is the selected wake-up source but iPod is not docked, a buzzer will sound instead
  • Fall asleep to iPod or AM/FM radio
  • Programmable sleep with 120-, 90-, 60-, 30- or 15-minute scheduled shutdown times
  • Adjustable sleep volume allows you to select a comfortable level without affecting your wake-up volume level
  • "Gentle sleep" feature gradually reduces music volume

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This item has ben used twice it comes with all the acceories so it is

good for all Ipods but you can read all the info at the WalMart site.

Check out the WalMart site for Pricing and More Info

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